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Cosy lounge area from our Project Benelong

Brisbane weather, for the most part, provides an ideal climate for outdoor entertaining (less the humidity, of course). Glorious purple, hot pink and orange sunsets, light afternoon bay breezes and coat-and-boot winters, invite wonderful opportunities for fresh air, food, drinks, friends and family fun. All you need is the right space and ambiance for hosting…

Cue our award-winning Concepts Unlimited Design – Building and Interior Design teams, their incredible knowledge, and years of experience in creating lifestyle-focused, timeless, and inspiring entertaining areas. Here’s what they consider essential outdoor entertaining inclusions, so you can be the outside ‘hosts with the most’:

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Our Project Eleventh has a well executed outdoor kitchen, this helps keeps this home’s temperature cool in summer. You can see more of this project here

  • An Outdoor Kitchen, Pizza Oven and Firepit

When it’s hot you should be alongside the pool with your guests, not inside, sweating and heating up your house. And when it’s cooler – think an outdoor pizza oven and a built-in firepit for post-dinner marshmallows and ‘campfire’ stories.

  • Outdoor Heating and Cooling

You’ll never regret an outdoor ceiling fan (keeps wet children outside after swims as they munch on grapes and watermelon), and equally – the purchase of an outdoor heater. Cool climate Shiraz is tastier outside.

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Project Benelong has clearly defined areas for dining and relaxation
  • Textiles, Comfort and Practicality

Layer outdoor rugs in winter (rugs indicate spaces, as well as providing warmth and hygge-feels), sink into comfortable cushions, and cuddle up in throws and blankets. When not in use, store these in built-in/under seating storage. During the wetter months – use outdoor covers for your lounges to keep them clean, hygienic, and free of mould (and gecko poo!)

Rugs, blankets and throws create warmth. This cosy seating area is from our Project Brae
  • Mood Lighting

Remember three levels for outdloor lighting. Floor-level for guiding lights (tea lights, candles, safely placed); mid-level lighting to illuminate the dining table for practicality (wall sconces), and high-level lighting – pendants or ceiling lighting to set the mood. Adjust throughout the evening to create ambience. And in summer – fairy lights are lanterns are wonderfully playful, pretty and welcoming.

  • Plants that Weather the Weather and Phantom Screens

Guests should feel protected in your space from eavesdropping, bugs and weather so healthy, juicy green plants and phantom screens are fantastic additions.

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Screen, plants and greenery add privacy. This seating area is from our Project Camden
  • Don’t Forget Flooring

‘Crazy paving’ is incredibly popular, being an attractive and non-slip solution for outdoor areas. Make sure they are sealed, and the same applies to all natural products you may use. Only choose weather-appropriate materials, with upkeep you can mantain.

Project Brae highlights that outdoor areas adjacent to other spaces create versatility for year round entertaining
  • Lawn Games, Board Games and Music

You can’t go wrong with these – all prompt conversation, connection, and bring about a sense of nostalgia for a life before phones. Easy access outdoor speakers are well worth the investment.

How does your outdoor space fair? Do you and your guests feel 100% comfortable in your ‘great outdoors’? 


If not and you’d like a hand in designing, sourcing and selecting, please get in touch with us here. 


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