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Interior Design

The interior design and finishes within your home determine how your family lives and feels there, so working with a professional, qualified and highly experienced interior design team is essential. Brisbane boasts a subtropical climate for which your design and material selections must accommodate, and our Interior Design team has years of experience doing just that, to an award-winning standard. We will make your home feel exactly as you want it to, with creative, on-brief and future-proofing recommendations and guidance. 

Our Services

Starting from scratch (or ‘slab’) doesn’t have to be overwhelming when designing the functionality, feel and look of your future home or renovation. Our Concepts Unlimited Design Interior Design Team, through comprehensive consultation with you, will ensure the most enviable, idyllic and liveable spaces, in every single room of your home. Our approach is completely all-inclusive and our ideas are highly considered, and sourced following collaboration with you and our whole interior design team.

Updating your kitchen or bathroom/s can completely change the look, experience and perceived value of your home. Our Interior Designers have the technical expertise and experience to design these spaces as per your exact requirements and on budget. Our creative nous will see you navigate the renovation process swiftly and the outcome – editorial-ready.

Interior Design, despite a commonly-held misconception that it’s “just choosing couches and rugs” involves the design and provision of detailed plans to your builder. These can include, but aren’t limited to internal elevations, detailed flooring plans, stair plans, tiling plans, electrical plans, external finishes plans, etc. This series of technical plans will aid your builder in providing a fixed quote, as well as onsite instructions.

Custom cabinetry – i.e. storage design and presentation, done well, will see your family live comfortably in your home, clutter-free. Our Interior Design team will create clever, subtle and joy-inducing storage space, utilising each room, whilst adding significant value to your residence. Few things are more luxurious than cabinetry designed to make day-to-day routines simpler.

Our expert Interior Design team will guide you in mindfully selecting every fixture and piece of equipment (and appliance) you require, ensuring your home reflects your family’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. From kitchen tapware & light switch panels, to stone benchtops & pendants – we will advise you through this process, using our own Interior Selections Studio, and our close, long-term relationships with exclusive Brisbane suppliers. These relationships ensure you’re privy to the most current and varied product releases, at a competitive price. Once we’ve finalised your selections – using our IVY collaboration tool, we will comprehensively document these for your builder’s execution.

We look forward to guiding you through and documenting your:

  • Appliances Selections (dishwasher, washing machine, oven, range hood, zip taps)
  • Plumbing and Fixtures Selections (bath, sink, toilet)
  • Tile Selections 
  • Flooring Selections 
  • Cabinetry Selections
  • Cabinetry Hardware Selections
  • Door & Window Selections
  • Internal Walls, Skirting and Architrave Selections
  • Lighting Selections 
  • External Finishes Selections (Selections for the house facade)


In addition to Fittings and Equipment selections, for aesthetic ‘harmony’, we strongly recommend you also engage our Interior Design team for:

Decorative / Home Furnishings – where we use our decades of interior design experience to assist you in procuring furniture, fabrics, rugs, upholstery, cushions, artwork and occasional pieces. This cost per hour service will see you obtain exclusive access to coveted boutiques not open to the public. 

Window furnishing selection – here we assist you in your curtain selection and purchase, attending your chosen curtain and upholstery showroom. An hourly cost applies and the result – a cohesive, stylish and well-appointed home.

You never quite know just how something is going to work until it’s there in front of you – with the exception of our “Is that a photograph or done on computer?’ brilliant space rendering. Our 3D renders give you confidence in your selection choices before committing to the next step

We’re proudly one of the few Brisbane Interior Design teams who offer this incredible experience. For an hourly rate, you will view all of your interior design selections, prior to purchase. A clever (and highly enjoyable!) investment.  

DSC 5912 scaled

The Interior Selections Studio

Our in-house Interior Selections Studio – featuring exquisite designer samples, for all budgets, will see you invited to view and feel a vast number of floor coverings, tiling options, wall finishes, and window treatments, amongst other materials and fixtures, without needing to traipse many Brisbane showrooms.

Our ‘flat-lay’ abilities are second-to-none, demonstrating how your selections will all work together, beautifully. 


The Interior Design Process

This free consultation is where we chat about your exciting new project, get familiar with your objectives and introduce you to our experience and processes.
Our interior designer sits down with you to discuss your design goals, your cabinetry ideas, the scope of work, your design budget and timelines. Following this meeting you’ll be provided with a comprehensive design brief, confirming your preferred style and project budget.
After we schedule appointments with our preferred and exclusive Brisbane suppliers, our interior designer will attend these selection meetings with you, providing gentle guidance and advice, reflecting your original interior design goals. Samples are collected at this stage to create a mood board for the final specifications.
This meeting sees us present the cabinetry layouts drafts, reflecting your design brief. Minor adjustments can be made here (on-screen) - and now you’re one step closer to having stunning, smart storage space.
Our unique Design Studio collection features varied materials including stone, timber, cabinetry handles - so you can see and feel how everything will come together, in one location. Selections will also be progressively added to our unique online IVY Selections collaboration tool - allowing you to review and edit in real-time.
Our Virtual Reality offering is like no other. Before you commit to your selections, you can experience - through a high-end tech-forward headset - how they will actually appear in your home. A clever investment for your peace of mind, and will unequivocally excite you (even more!) about your project.
This incredibly sophisticated tool collects, presents and prices all of your selections in the one online space, per room. Once all of your selections are approved and confirmed by you, we move to detailed drawings.
This final stage sees you provided with comprehensive working and documentation drawings and specifications for you to provide to your builder (and get going!). In addition to being instructional, they will also enable your builder to provide you with a fixed quote. This documentation will include but isn’t limited to: floor plans, internal elevations, custom joinery, tiling plans, external finishes plans etc.
Your dream designs begin to be realised, and we give you a samples pack for you to refer to throughout your build.

Project Eleventh

A Hamptons style home providing space for family living and elegant entertaining, our interior design nous is showcased with custom curtains, Italian brickwork, gold finishing, and a timeless colour palette. This is how you live well.


Ready to begin?

Seeking to create a truly comfortable home that reflects your family’s style and values? Our creative and inspiring Interior Design team is excited to work with you.