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Hamptons Façade – Why has this been the craze for the past few years?

If you have ever driven in the suburbs that are close to the city centre, you will see more than 1 or 2 homes on the street featuring some kind of white/dark roof, false gable vents and the use of weatherboard or linea cladding. 

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Project Stuartholme

The Hamptons façade seems to fit in most buyers criteria of something “edgy” and still with a hint of “Queenslander.” And why not? The Hamptons façade can be built in any part of Brisbane Council (not including Covenant required estates), as it ticks the box of “Traditional Character” when it comes to one of Brisbane’s most strictest building codes. Unfortunately most suburbs that are close to inner city have this code overlay, which heavily restricts the use of rendered, flat, parapet and ultra modern style facades.

Buyers and developers are often left wondering what type of house they can put in these areas that will draw in potential future investors and buyers. The Hamptons façade often showcases a heavy use of timber style materials and pitched roofs which is one of the major requirements in Traditional Character. They also showcase some of the most beautiful exterior and interior finishes with coffered ceilings, and large timber posts and beams. With the right Building Designer a Hamptons façade can bring such divine characteristics to your home that completely elevates it above the rest on the street. Most builders also have commented that Hamptons homes seem to be the easiest and most budget friendly builds that showcase a unique style that homeowners want without breaking the bank. 

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Project Benelong

With the Hamptons façade it allows you to branch into other neighbouring styles such as a Farmhouse and Coastal style. These all fit within each other with common uses of timber materials, exposed beams, rafters and the use of timber framed walls w/ feature cladding. With such versatility, affordability and unique characteristics it is not hard to see why the Hamptons craze has continued on for more than 6 years.