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How our team can help you achieve your dream home

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Our Project Eleventh located in Kedron - you can see more of this project here

Our award-winning building & interior design team has created hundreds of custom home designs for new builds, extensions and house raisings for satisfied customers.  We’re excited to work with you to bring your dream home to life. Read on to find out why we’re the perfect fit!  

What is a custom-building design and why might you want one?

Australia’s housing marketing is complicated to manoeuvre for many buyers wanting to enter the market. Hence why building your own custom home design can be a comparatively affordable and pragmatic option when you’re working with the right team. Some of the benefits of working with a building /home designer on a new build or custom home extension include:

  • Freedom to choose: your building materials, layout, and finishing touches, everything is chosen to suit your budget and taste.
  • Functionality: Our building / house designers can work on a building design to suit your needs and lifestyle requirements.
  • Quality and flexibility: We include design development meetings during the Concept Design stage to get the floor plan and overall look & feel right for you.

The benefits of working with a professional team

As building designers, we are generally the first professionals you will talk to about your home design and build journey. We have over 20 years of experience in custom building design and looking at the building design process to make it easy for our clients to navigate. 

Our process for creating custom building designs.

Our process is supportive and collaborative, it aims to deliver on brief and get you build ready in no time at all.  To begin the building design process, we’ll schedule an initial consultation for you to speak to a senior building designer about the scope of your project (this is free). During this meeting, you will get a good idea of our process and how we work. This will allow us to create an accurate quote for our services. This is where we will also learn about your project and gain an understanding of the following aspects:

18Trafalgar web p6497
Project Trafalgar Involved an Extension & Creation of an Open Plan Layout for this family home
18Trafalgar web p6464 1
Our Project Trafalgar located in Morningside - you can view more of this building design here

Our range of services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to create the dream home you deserve. You can contact us for:


  1. Building Design: Through our personal design development framework, we examine each individual space and its purpose with our clients, ensuing their involvement, feedback, approvals and therefore the ultimate design outcome. our clients, ensuring their involvement, feedback, approvals and therefore the ultimate design outcome.
  2. Interior Design: Our team will express your personal style and taste while fusing form and function.
  3. Furniture and Styling: Our approach is thoughtful and considered. We work with our client’s organic style to create memorable & custom styled spaces.
18Trafalgar web p6455 1
Project Trafalgar is a great example of a building design that has highly functional and useful spaces

Our projects include:

  • New homes: Customising a design for a whole new residence.
  • Raise & builds: We capitalise on the existing home features and design to enhance the living space.
  • Extensions & renovations: We can create more functional areas for your family or business as your needs dictate.
  • Granny flats: Enhance your property value and create family cohesion with the addition /construction of a granny flat.
  • Furniture & Styling fitouts: Custom selections tailored to your requirements

Why choose Concepts Unlimited Design

We’re a dynamic and creative team with a proven track record for creating bespoke building designs. Our award-winning team has been recognised as industry-leading niche experts who are all committed to bringing to life every client’s vision. Get in touch today for a free consultation! You can call the office at 07 33501311 or complete our contact form here