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How to pick the perfect luxury home designer

Project Fingal - located in Tarragindi. Building / Home design by Concepts Unlimited Design

The start of the New Year is a great time to start designing your new home, but you want to ensure it’s as hassle-free and professional from your first consultation. When it comes to designing luxury homes, you need to work with a home designer team that understands the latest in design trends and styles. Here’s what you need to know before you choose the perfect luxury custom home designer for your family.  

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Our Project Stuartholme - located in Bardon. Building Design by Concepts Unlimited Design


What does a luxury custom home designer do?

If you’ve not yet worked with a home or building designer, then it’s worth getting an understanding of exactly what assistance they will provide.  And to be helpful, we’ve listed a relevant selection of Concepts Unlimited Design services below:  

Concept Design: You might have some ideas of what you would like included in your luxury build however it can be difficult to bring them to fruition if you do not have the professional know how and tools. As a team of experienced custom home designers will be able to articulate your design brief and translate it into a design concept.  This will involve engaging directly with you, working through your brief of
wish list items, inclusions and honing this into a concept that works for you.

Drawings: Your custom home designer will be able to represent the design in the form of detailed, accurate
drawings which are used when applying for building approval, supplied to engineers and other consultants. The
more detail included in these drawings will allow a seamless construction process.

3D Modelling and Virtual Reality: Using the latest technology, an experienced custom home designer is able to
create a 3D representation of your home. This could even include a virtual reality (VR) tour of the project, featuring
the floor plans, interior design, accent lighting and more.

Coordination: Your custom home designer will also work closely with external consultants to get the building
approval finalised, as well as incorporating any required design changes along the way. Your designer will have good
working relationship with a number of key professionals, including:

  • Town planner
  • Site surveyor
  • Structural engineer
  • Energy assessor
  • Building certifier
  • Fire consultant
  • Hydraulic engineer
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Our Project Bennelong - located in Kedron. Building Design by at Concepts Unlimited Design

What do you look for in a custom luxury home designer?

When starting your search for a custom home designer, you can narrow down your list quickly and easily by ensuring
they tick certain boxes.

  • Qualifications: Ask the company whether they have all the relevant qualifications to carry out your home
    design effectively.
  • Experience: Check how much and exactly what their previous experience is in terms of home design. You can
    ask for a portfolio of work as well as references to ensure you’re getting what is promised.
  • Tailored support: Too often it’s a case of copying and pasting an existing design. You need to ensure the
    team is going to create a custom home design working with your individual site or home that meets your
    needs and budget while bringing your vision to life.
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Our Project Trafalgar - located in Morningside. Building Design by Concepts Unlimited Design

What are the benefits of working with a custom luxury home designer?

There are many reasons to work with a team of qualified, luxury custom home designers. Some of the benefits
you can enjoy include:

  • Time savings: Having gone through all the processes of custom home design many times before, your
    designer will be able to easily move you through all the required stages of the home design process.
  • Access to expertise: You’ll be benefitting from industry expertise from people with both qualifications and
    experience. They can work with you to identify what will work in your new home, and what might need to be
    adapted – because they’ve seen it all! You’ll also have guidance on industry legislation so that you’re not
    facing major fines at a later stage.
  • They take on the hassle: Your custom home designer will be on-hand to oversee the project, liaising with
    contractors and other stakeholders to ensure your vision is being realised. This means less margin for error
    and fewer unnecessary expenses rectifying mistakes.
  • Functionality: A good home designer will be able to incorporate your personal style while also considering
    the practical aspects of home living. They have a good understanding of what works where, and how to
    translate your ideas into something user-friendly, as well as aesthetically appealing.
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Front view of our Project Bennelong - located in Kedron. Building Design by Concepts Unlimited Design

How do you make the most of your designers skills?

Working with a great team of home/building designers is key, but it’s important that you share as much with them ahead of
time as possible. You will have an idea of what you want the end design to look like, which means having
storyboards and other examples available to share. The more information they have at the start of the project, the
more likely they are to realise your vision. Open and constant communication is vital to ensure you get the most out
of your designer’s skills.

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Open Plan Living at Project Trafalgar

Why choose Concepts Unlimited Design?

When it comes to luxury home design, Concepts Unlimited Design is Brisbane’s industry leader. They offer clients a
full range of services, whether it’s for custom house plans, home design, or renovation advice, they’re ready to
assist. The team will work closely with you from initial consultations through to detailed drawings, interior design
and construction coordination.

Having worked in the design space for more than two decades, the team is able to tailor house plans to your needs,
whether for an extension or new home build. They have in-depth knowledge of all local council regulations and
environmental criteria. This time spent in the industry has also allowed them to build up a strong network, which
means great working relationships with local designers, draftspeople, architects, council and engineers.

Get in touch with Concepts Unlimited Design today to find out how to make your vision a reality.